Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just keep swimming

Things have a way of just working eventually.

The USCIS notice came Thursday.  We're scheduled for this coming Thursday not far from my office.  Once those are submitted, it will take about one week for our criminal backgrounds to be cleared and then up to 4 more weeks for the USCIS to get our approval, but potentially far less.  In the meantime, we still need to get about 34 documents signed, notarized, county-sealed, and state-sealed, including setting up some medical appointments that I'm dreading--it's only to have them fill out paperwork but this office does not seem to like being told how to do something; and adoption paperwork is notorious for requiring very specific details.

And we need a real estate thing that for some reason seems more complex than it should be.  And Rob's letter stating his employment status which, as a non-full-time guy, seems to be a bit hazy.  Nothing impossible on any of these, but all requiring a solid hour or more of attention and we're typically running in eleven directions every minute of the day.  And the seals processes can take some time so I want them to be done asap.

In the mean time, we've skyped with M a few times this week and weekend thanks to her friend's fancy phone.  It's such a novelty to have an English speaker that the whole school seems to gather around.  I think I've had this exact conversation with every kid in the orphanage who is over the age of 12:

Kid: Hello.
Me: Hello.  I am well.
kid: awkward giggles and often "" again.

Then I try my Russian: "Pree-vee-yet.  Cock Day-Lah?"  "Hah-roe-show, spah-see-bah"

Jorge was in the passion play at the church this year.  Katie did not want to do it and August is too young, but Jorge was all-in.  He played his usual role of a soldier and after 3 years and a combined 100 practices or so, I think he's got it.  Mostly.  He's still more interested in the physics of how to best bump his sword's handle to make it poke his friend's leg.  But we all survived and even got to enjoy the gorgeous weather all weekend.

In short: Everyone else is alive and clean and fed and sleeping.  Off to join them.

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