Saturday, April 26, 2014


I found myself at a craft store with August today.  I tend to think of him as my squishy moldable baby, but (surprise!) he's over 3.5.  He's pushing 4.  An old man.  He's older now than Jorge was at Auggie's birth.  That blew my mind.

In our meanderings, we passed the wooden crafts aisle.  A lifetime or two ago, Katie picked out a K, some green paint, a pretty ribbon, and some wooden details and it still hangs in her room.  Jorge has his whole name spelled out over his bed in letters bought at a Guatemalan craft fair.  August lit up when I showed him the "A".

We sifted through a pretty small selection of pre-painted wooden decorations.  His immediate request was a great white shark (his favorite animal.  Also his favorite farewell: "After Dark, Great White Shark", followed by "Bye Bye, Butterfly").  We settled for a dolphin.  The dinosaur was an obvious friend of the "A".

A few aisles over we faced the wall of paint bottles.  Without hesitation, he grabbed "Lemon Silk".
"My favorite colors are green and purple and golden."

Finally we wound over to a wall of ribbons.  He gasped at the sight of the neon orange tiger print.  Has ribbon ever reached a higher state of perfection?  No.  It has not.

At home, I spread out some newspapers and squirted a generous puddle of paint into a plastic lid.  He painted.  He waited impatiently for the 2.5 minutes for it to dry.  He helped apply the ribbon trim.  He chose the perfect locations for his chosen friends.  And then after dinner he helped hang it on his wall.  This, my friends, is what PROUD looks like.

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