Thursday, April 24, 2014


M gets here in just about 6 weeks.  At her winter visit, Jorge picked out a super cozy fleece blanket which she used for naps, nighttime, and lounging on the couch.  She loved that blanket and took it back with her.

I want to prepare a made-with-love option for her summer visit.  My yarn and I are ready to roll but time constraints have led me to a brilliant labor-of-love request.  Will you crochet along with me and send me squares?

My goal is to make something like this (opens in new window).  Like hers, I want bright summery warm happy colors and then I'll join them all together with a solid creamy white.  I'm hoping for a finished product in the 48"x 70" range, which means about 70 squares in all.  I'm not equipped to do that alone in any reasonable time frame AND stitch them all together.

So interested helpers are asked to do granny squares with 4 rounds of stitching.  Colors can be duplicated within a square or all unique.  See mine so far?

Notice that most are 4 unique colors but some have the same shade appearing more than once.   Do whatever makes sense for your stash of yarn.  I will add 1-2 rounds of a creamy white to each as they are joined together so that they all match up.  

YARN: Worsted weight yarn (the most common yarn on shelves, for those that aren't sure what that means) in a machine-washable-and-dryable blend.  Cotton, acrylic, bamboo, whatever.  Just choose something that's not too itchy feeling.  In mine above, the brightest pink, purple, and lightest green are a little thinner than typical; and the darkest green and darkest blue are heavy-ish.  A little variation in the texture is fine (and even nice!); just shoot for a consistent size in the final product so they can be pieced together.

COLORS: Summer-y.  Think lemonade, flowers, sunshine, ocean, blue sky, sand, grassy and leafy greens, fruits, and fashion colors like navy or denim blue with summery pinks and purples. Popsicles and ice cream and picnic spreads.  I'd prefer no sparkle yarns or varigated (multi-colored) yarns as the solid summery colors are so fun.  "Summery lake and garden" is my working theme.

SIZE: my finished ones are running about 5.5" across.    If you're interested in checking your gauge as you go,
Inside loops are about 1.75";
2nd round ends up around 3.25" and the
3rd round measured about 4 3/8-4.5"   I use a 5.0mm or US size H hook, but adjust to your tension needs.

TIMING: Let's shoot for May 25 so that I have a week to finish stitching them together.  If you want to participate and don't have my address, leave me a note.  If you're sending some, let me me approx how many (3-5?  15-20?) so I can budget my own production needs.

Not sure how to do a granny square?
Tutorial 1:  slow, detailed, and a bit tedious.

Tutorial 2: quick but you need to have a basic background in crochet to make any sense of it.  And she uses UK terms so "treble crochet" is our double crochet.

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