Tuesday, April 29, 2014


We were approved by USCIS (Citizenship and Immigration) on Friday.  I called today to ask how our file was progressing and was told it was done and mailed out!  The paperwork should be here tomorrow or Thursday.

In other good news, the medical letters are in process.  After weeks of me stalling because I did not want to mess with scheduling simultaneous appointments for me, Rob, a notary and our doctor, I begged Rob to take it off my to-do list and work it out for us.  He called yesterday and today and found out that a notary is finally in the building as of last week, approximately.  So we just dropped the four forms off with lots of post-it notes on it explaining the necessary information and our doctor will sign it in front of the notary sometime this week.

In OTHER good news (because Rob = paperwork magician), the real estate agent we used in 2007 to find this place agreed to print a form letter on her letterhead and sign it with a notary and either mail it or drop it off this week.

The other 35 forms, approximately, that need to be signed are just me, Rob and a notary.  We hope to hit the library tomorrow afternoon with well-inked pens.

Then comes the validation steps.  Everything that's not issued by the county directly needs to be reviewed and verified by the county in which the notary is registered.  Then everything goes to the state for the state's seal (a big shiny gold sticker.  Still just as exciting to get.)

Our scorecard is thus:
  • 3 copies of marriage license issued by a county office, so directly to state, but that state is Ohio. I called to confirm all the details today and mailed it today.  We should have it back early next week and it's ready for Ukraine (via our agency in Georgia).
  • 2 copies of our homestudy signed by a notary registered with a county south of us; already county sealed, ready for state seal.
  • 2 copies of state criminal checks signed by a notary registered with a county east of us; mailed out for seals today; might have back Saturday; otherwise Monday.  Then ready for state.
  • 4 documents from medical office; notary's county of origin unknown until we get it.  
  • 1 document from real estate agent; notary county of origin unknown until we get it.
  • 35 other documents signed by us, notary will be from our own county.

Once we get our 35 documents and the 5 other documents (please please let them be registered in our county), we'll take all of those to the county courthouse about 10 minutes away from our house.  They look up the notary license (should not be more than 3: ours, doctors, real estate's) and staple a slip of paper on verifying the license.  In a good situation we'll get that done Friday, get our other ones in the mail this weekend and be ready for the next step Monday.

Then those 40 documents and the 2 we have in hand and the 2 we're hoping to have back this weekend will all be mailed or driven to Albany to have the state seals done.  I may do that Monday.  Then they'll all get mailed to our agency in Georgia for final proofreading.  Once the Ohio documents show back up, we'll forward them to her, too, and we.are.done.

Drinking chai and grading papers and doing a little Dossier-nearly-done dance.

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