Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekly-ish update: Homestudies are in hand!

This is the state-level clearance and feeds into the US and international approvals.

One notarized copy is en route to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in MO. They'll process that and add it to our application which will trigger an FBI fingerprint request for us. A yes from them basically says "if you adopt a child that meets these requirements and bring her to the US, we'll give her citizenship". Kind of a big deal. No country will let you start an adoption into the US without knowing the US supports it and will grant the child citizenship. That would be a mess! So this is the next step. Considering we have no criminal records and an approved homestudy vouching for us, this is mostly a formality but it's a 4-5 week long formality.

Two other copies will go to the NY Secretary of State to be checked and stamped with an official seal along with about 35 other documents. Those will all eventually be sent to the orphan courts overseas. They won't actually go overseas until we have that approval from USCIS to stick to the top of the pile. While we wait for that, we'll be getting those 35 other documents assembled and proofread so we aren't re-doing things at the last minute.

Finally: M is back online after a week. Her school was on spring break and she had no access to the internet for 9 days. I missed her TERRIBLY. It was so nice to chat with her for a few hours of intermittent FB-chat style texting all afternoon. All is "norms".

(This exchange is hilarious to me.  Every day she was here, at least a dozen times I'd ask her "You ok?  you good?" and do a thumbs up.  She would smile and say "ok"  or "yes".  The last few days she was here, we were discussing how to stay in touch and I said "I will write you.  I will say 'you ok?  you good?' " and then I pretended to be confused as to how to write-in my thumbs up.  I drew a blob that in no way looked like a thumbs up.  So this exchange today made me laugh.  And that she wrote back "ok" in English was as good as a hug.)

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