Friday, March 14, 2014

Snapshots of now

We've been heavy on words and adoption here, and light on photos and cute kids.  Let's reset the balance.

There was the day August was cold and grumpy and miserable and grouchy and bored and hungry-every-8-minutes.  So I made a big bubble bath and let him play for over an hour. 

 Then there was the day during the winter olympics (or as Auggie refers them.  The Lympics.  The singular of which is A Lympic.  As in, "Look!  There is a lympic on this yogurt" while pointing to the symbol of the rings) where Katie and Jorge decided to build a ski-jump ramp for their Lego dudes.  Much crashing and hilarity ensued.
 As always at our little nerd farm, we have long afternoons and evenings when everyone is curled up in their separate spaces reading.  Jorge's classroom refers to this as DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) and he'll frequently ask if we can plan on having a DEAR time break on weekends.
Jorge needs new glasses.  He lost his most recently purchased pair in the snow one day last December and we're (im)patiently waiting for the snow to melt to see if we can find them back and if they are serviceable anymore.  Until then, he's back to his original green ones which are held together by superglue and luck.  (We got the newer ones b/c these were so clearly about to break.  They're hanging on by a screw's thread).  Jorge is also losing teeth at the rate of one every 2-3 weeks, it seems.


Katie wanted to put in curlers last night.  After her shower we did and I popped our drying bonnet on for 30 minutes or so to get them mostly dry.  (She sat and read that whole book in 30 minutes.  Speed reader nerd-farm product).

Then she popped on a sleeping hair cap I made her a few years ago and slept on them all night.

This morning we had a very happy ringlet girl.

 Jorge, meanwhile, was desperately in need of a haircut.  It was a helmet of hair that hung down his face and neck.  All of his friends at school have curly mop tops which are long and shaggy but stay out of their eyes.  His hair is thick and straight and was all in his eyes/glasses which caused him to be either blind or constant pushing the hair out of his face which meant banging on his glasses which were, as above, super weak.  We finally announced one Saturday morning that it was haircut day!  He was NOT HAPPY.  He fussed so much that we knew it wasn't going to work to take him out in public and had to declare it Haircuts At Home day.

The results were actually pretty cute, but he was MAD about it for a few days.  Once a dozen or so people noticed how much older and more mature it made him look and how handsome his face is (and when he noticed how much easier it was to keep it clean and combed) he decided it was a pretty nice idea.

But he wants to grow it out again.
August got a haircut, too.  He's far too wiggly and his hair still has some wave and curl to it (not as much as I'd like.  Oh, I miss those soft baby curls!) so it's hard to cut it at home.  We'll let this mess grow out a bit and get it cut professionally around Easter time.

Glasses and cuteness.  We still deal with nearly daily meltdowns and screaming fits (from both of us, honestly).  This son of mine.  We are both stubborn and opinionated and want to be The Boss Of All Things.  We greet each other with wary defensiveness and rarely get past it to truly just be happy around each other.  It's a hard love here.  But we work and work and work.  And fail and fail and succeed and fail and fail.  And fail and succeed and fail and succeed.  It's a work in progress, every day.  Yesterday was a pretty good day.  Today's been really good.  But we'll fail again, soon, I'm sure, and move on again from there.   Day by day.

Parent teacher meetings last week were fantastic.  All three kids are successful in their own terms and ways.  All three are kind and loving and trying really hard to improve in their struggles.  All three have teachers that see them for their potentials and challenges and love them as individuals.  I love that their school puts them in the same room with the same teachers for three years.  The teachers really get to know the kids and see their growth and development and appreciate their accomplishments (and reset them on a better path when they see them stalling or deviating).  Yay teachers!

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  1. The haircuts and curls are adorable. The update is awesome and you are gorgeous and an amazing mom. Perseverance is not something for the faint of heart. I love knowing that I have a strong friend.