Tuesday, March 04, 2014

I informed Jorge that he had an eye doctor appointment tonight at 4:30.  This on top of having had CCD last night from 4:30-5:45 which ended in dinner which led to bedtime.  He proceeded to whine that he didn't like having "a thing every night."  How he just wanted time to play.  How he didn't get enough play time.  It ramped up to screaming.  Wailing.  Throwing things.  He completely wasted 45 minutes whining about how he doesn't have enough time to play.

This from a kid who is in only one 1 activity each week (the aforementioned 1 hour of CCD) and goes to a school with zero homework and zero tests so we spend no time at all ever doing school work outside of school hours.  (Yes, it's the most wonderful amazing school ever.)  And they don't even have school this Thursday or Friday, and they have only had one full week of school in nearly 3 months. (Maybe it's not that amazing.)

When this is my collection of "to-do today" lists (and it's sitting in this stack of exam grading which is just one item on one of those post-it notes of to-do's that are all due or overdue today), I'm not impressed.  Or sympathetic.

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