Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Homestudy done (for real? I think so!)

After Friday's post we were on hold.  Our agency with access to the Ukrainian lawyers was waiting for a response from them; they were busy; she was busy in a training seminar all weekend; waiting,waiting, waiting.  Monday around 9AM (3PM in Ukraine) I emailed our agency to see if she'd heard anything from the Ukrainian side about the wording.  Then I taught from 9:30-4:15, rushed home and took over the household duties so Rob could rush out to work, fetched the two big kids from CCD, had dinner, and saw all three kids off to bed. Thankfully Rob's mom and niece were over for the afternoon so that process was less stressful and chaotic than usual, but there was no chance to check email until bedtimes were done around 8:30.

At best, I expected a note from the Ukrainian side saying "we need the document to include these 10 things..." and then our homestudy agency saying "We can't include those without documentation verifying these 7 things" and so we'd spend Tuesday morning requesting those 7 things, pushing papers around, and waiting some more.  Instead, I saw a series of emails between my agencies ending in

Agency A: Please find attached the corrected draft home study report for Robert andJulie.  Once I have your approval, our agency will finalize the report.
Agency B: This looks great! Thanks for making those changes and you are ready tofinalize.
What?  Just like that it was all done.  Documents should be getting notarized and sent to the necessary places today.

Now, USCIS approval is in the works.  Meanwhile, we need to get the 34 other documents in our stack notarized and sealed and delivered to the agency.

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