Sunday, March 09, 2014

Fundraiser of the Week: Making (stuff that will hopefully result in) Money

I mentioned before that Rob is addicted to digging through rocks at the local diamond mine.  He could happily spend every day there smashing up rocks looking for these pretty things:

They are a naturally occurring crystal and are very sparkly and pretty.  However, they've been sitting around our house in ziplock bags and an old Frisbee and some kitchen plates for months doing nothing.

I contacted an artist on Etsy who sells her jewelry making supplies.  In our conversation about future transaction opportunities, I shared that we'd be hoping to sell these items and get money toward our adoption.  I also shared about M and our hosting and her future.  She oh-so-generously offered to make items for us (using her materials and expertise) and sell them through her far more popular store and still donate 100% of the proceeds to our adoption agency.   She also sent me the materials to make some things ourselves.  My (one) item and her several items are now live on etsy.

Some of her work (more at her store):

We also have some cute Lego-themed pillow cases in the family Etsy shop.  Katie's almost done crocheting her first baby blanket to list, too.

My work:
  link to store

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