Thursday, March 13, 2014


The magic has happened.  Our homestudy is done except for some proofreading and edits that will happen between our homestudy agency (the one hired to investigate us, interview us, and clear us within NY and for US Immigration purposes) and our placement agency (the one hired to work with lawyers in Ukraine and navigate the international requirements).  The homestudy is so intensive (and intense), that it serves as the main part of our application to other countries as well.  That and about 34 other documents that we are working on in the coming 2-3 weeks.  So before our homestudy is signed off as a complete and final document, the placement agency will look for anything that may need more details or re-wording to avoid translation confusions.

We got 12 inches of snow Wednesday but by this morning life was running mostly as usual.  Katie had her 9:15 medical appointment so that we could finalize that last form, so we opted to give all three kids a "2 hour delay" and drive them in together at 10.  Except that no one felt like leaving the house at 10 so we called it a snow day again.  Rob and I ran to the bank for 10 minutes to get the last document notarized and mailed out and we were done.  However, being experienced in this game, I had first scanned the document and emailed it to the agent.  She used the information to fill out the last few details of her draft report and that was it!  She can't finalize it until the original documents are on file at her office, but it was done enough to send to the placement agency for proofreading and review.

In fundraising news, I just totaled up all the major expenses paid so far (everything but postage) and we have spent just over $6000 already.  Insanity!  Even more incredible, though, is that $2300 of it has been paid for by generous donations from friends and family, meaning we have only spent $3700 of our own money so far. It's been amazing.  Another $500 has come in as etsy sales since our announcement, meaning that just under 1/2 of our adoption has been supported by our amazing network of friends and family.  Thank you all!

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