Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quick update

We got our receipt from the immigration office saying our file was being processed, so we'll do fingerprints in a few weeks.  Once we get my passport renewal, the social worker can finalize our homestudy and we can actually finish our US immigration paperwork.

We talk to M almost daily on the computer.  Often multiple times a day.  She occasionally checks in at 7 or 8 AM her time which is midnight or 1 here, allowing us a quick "good day / good night".  Around 8 AM our time, she's finishing school for the afternoon and sends a hello before she heads to soccer or starts her homework.  I ask about her classes as I settle in for my own day of teaching and schoolwork.  One morning we skyped with video!  Then we usually chat for an hour or more around 10 or 11 in America (her 5-6PM).  This is all of our major conversation time, and I've learned to adjust my day around doing non-essential activities in that hour.  Sometimes we touch base again around 3 my time (10 PM for her).  On weekends I may even see her account light up at at 4 or 5 PM my time (her midnight or 1).  And then we wish each other a good evening, good rest, and much love.  I work all evening, window open, while she sleeps (again: that's not creepy at all, Jules) and watch for her dawn greetings before I head off to bed and she heads to school.

It's not much, maybe, but it's ours.

One more day on the jewelry sale.  Party proceeds will be donated to our adoption agency.

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