Friday, February 21, 2014

Fundraiser Of the Week

Adoptions require lawyers, translators, postal workers, paperwork finders and filers, forms, doctors, social workers, and airlines.  They all require payment for services rendered.  Some of these fees will be refunded to us as tax credits and adoption assistance benefits from our employer, but not all; and only upon completion.  Until then, we're moving forward form by form and bill by bill.

Some friends are working on fundraising events and efforts and we are deeply grateful.  We'll keep them going as a list on the side bar of the blog and feature one each week.

My college friend, Laura, is hosting an Origami Owl "Jewelry Bar" for us! Sale proceeds will be donated to our adoption expenses.

Follow the link and enter code "AdoptingM197203" at checkout as the "jewelry bar id code".

I love the Origami Owl look. Katie's aunt Christy got her one for Christmas and it's beautifully made and very special to her.  They are great gift ideas for birthdays, mother's day, First Communion or Confirmation, graduation, teachers, baby showers, new moms, bridesmaids, and more.

Sale ends Feb 28.

Tell me what's in your locket!

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