Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Side Effects of Hosting a Russian Speaking Ukrainian Teenage Girl

1. Bieber.  So much.  And strangely I'm so defensive of him.  I remember being wildly obsessed with the celebrity boys of my time and taking it as a personal insult when they were mocked or the subject of scandal.  How much harder that would be to endure/ignore in this day when there are armies of people whose actual paid job is to mock, destroy, and dig up dirt on anyone with a semi-recognizable face, name, or affiliation.  But more so, I defend because I know her story.  I know how many people she has given her heart to and had it broken, discarded, or ignored.  I hate to see another person in any capacity fail her.

2. Jars of pickles in my fridge: three.  Each the size of a beagle.  Pickled cucumbers with pickled tomatoes, pickled peppers, pickled rice with carrots and tomatoes.  All delicious on a potato pancake.

3. Potato pancakes.

4. I will still eat chili, but I will always always always make a face and pretend to gag at the sight of it and approximately every 4th bite during it.  And I will want more Cheeeeeps (chips).

5. Everyone in our house wishes a good night's sleep with "Spaghetti Nochi" or "Spaghetti Nachos" and "Spaghetti night" is a hilarious sleepy dinner-theater routine.  (Real words for "good night" sound like: Spa-koy-nee Nochi)

6. News of Ukraine violence, unrest, etc cause physical pain in the chest region.  Not just the immediate threat of harm, but the longer term quieter threats that unrest promise: Disrupted funding to orphanages.  Disrupted processing of adoptions for the lucky few.  Disruptions of visiting visas for those that apply for programs like our hosting agency.  Disruptions of utilities and internet service which are provided to the orphanage by the state department.  So much hinges on functionality.

7. I still grunt, mime, and point for most of my language at home.

8. This song--among so many others--pops into my head randomly.  Overcome a strangely difficult obstacle?  "Bata mushta ya Batman! yeah-yeah!"   Throw some Penguin signs!

9. I'm still curious what happened to the two Tonya's dating the same guy in her soap opera.

10.  Masha and Medved are more familiar and popular in our house than almost anything on the Disney channel.

Missing her.


  1. And Beiber got busted for DUI / defense for that ..

  2. I know. Irresponsible 19 year old kid with more money than sense. (see, still pulling out the "he's just a stupid kid" argument. Not arguing that he did something stupid and wrong, though.

  3. That's a lot of pickles. And now that Batman song is in my head. :)