Friday, January 17, 2014

Quick update

#1 worked, but required some pre-airport sacrificing of items.  They will all be shipped ASAP

#2 did not work.  Mean desk agent.  I didn't fight it, but bawled at security and the guards went over and demanded a gate pass for me with no luck.  I watched her walk away from security and wept so hard that my coat looked like I'd been out in the rain.  The security guards at this place are amazing (did I mention how one went in the back and got me gum from the employee vending machine when I was there after 10 one night and all the shops were closed?  Nice people.) and so as they were doing their rounds and they passed the glass wall I was sitting behind, I'd get an occasional thumbs up from one heading back from a loop near her gate.  Gaurdian angels.

#3 mostly worked.  The chaperone who was supposed to meet her was on a flight that was delayed.  He texted me to warn me he'd be late but she was already out of reach to update her.  But he called as soon as he landed and again as soon as he had custody of her and again to let her say hello.  And chaperones in her airport posted photos of all the kids waiting for their trans-Atlantic flights so we got to see her (after the fact) chatting with friends.

Once in her capital city she had a 4 hour wait for the rest of her classmates and their teacher.  Then another wait at the train station.  Then a 9 hour train ride.  Then a bus.  Then home.  She should have arrived sometime late this afternoon/early evening our time--a 36 hour day.  Hopefully everyone and everything arrived safely and there is a lot of rest and happy memory sharing in the coming days.

More details and our own crew's updates later.

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