Sunday, December 29, 2013

We had an early afternoon of this.  Two kids playing math games on Sumdog; another watching music videos of Russian pop stars.  Dad sleeping or reading on the couch.  August wondering around the house whining at everyone about everything.  Mom losing her mind.

And so we had a long afternoon and early evening of this.  Bowling at the alley that's technically within walking distance if it's not 36 degrees and raining.  Two lanes so the little kids can have bumpers and a ramp while the two grownups and tall kid can play regular.  Six shoe rentals, 2 trays of nachos, 11 games (August opted out once the nachos showed up at the end of the first game's 9th frame), and a completely ruined manicure on someone's teenage hand, but we had many laughs, many smiles, many cheers.  (and tears.  Because there are always tears from at least one kid in any situation.)

Loving this girl

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