Monday, December 30, 2013

Truths of Hosting

Specifically when you have three other littles and it's Christmas break; already known to be the pinnacle of chaos.

1. Someone will always be crying.  In any given moment, someone will be hurt, or disappointed, or angry, or frustrated or just tired. It will often be the littles, it may be the mom and dad.

2. Someone will always be sleeping. It will never be the mom and dad.

3. Someone will always be eating.

4. There will never be anything worth eating.

5. The sheer volume of stuff in your house -- which of course triples during Christmas while space is cut in 1/2-- will make you question everything in your life.

6. No one will remember the last time they showered.  Or ate.  The answer to both is "Probably not recently enough."

7. The grocery list will never be empty.  As the groceries are unpacked, you'll discover 3 more things that are out of stock.

8. Every planned event that is outside of the house will require 2 hours of preparation and will still not happen.

9. Chocolate, as always, makes everything better.

10. There will be moments.  Moments of complete perfection.  Moments that feel like it is working exactly right.  That 30 second stretch each day of peace and love and joy is worth it all.

(We all knew #10 would be sappy, right?)


  1. Now if only my breast fed infant wasn't highly allergic to milk products... I NEED CHOCOLATE! :)

    1. Audrey -- Jorge can't have milk either so let me share:: Ghiradelli chocolate chips in the baking aisle (semi-sweet) and the semi-sweet baker's chocolate bars by "Bakers" brand. And quite a bit of the dark chocolate stuff, especially fair-trade, doesn't have milk in it.