Saturday, December 14, 2013

There is no win. Only lose.

Time: anytime of day.  Or night.
Scene: anywhere.
Action: August talking loudly--oh, so very very loudly--and continuously--nonstop continuous ever present always without cessation--about everything.

Me: Hey, buddy, be a little quieter.

August (loudly): No!  I was talking to myself!  I was talking  I. was. talking. to. MYSELF.  I was talking to myself.  Mama?  I was talking to myself.  I was talking to myself.  Just myself.  I was just talking to my myself.  Mama?  I was talking to myself.

Me (exhausted, knowing I'm about to fall into it.) Ok.

August (more loudly, frustrated) No!!  Stop talking to me!  I was talking to myself.  I am just talking to myself.  Ok?  Ok mama? I'm talking to myself.  Ok mama?  Mama?   Mama?  Ok?  I was talking to myself.  Ok mama?

Me (still too dumb): Sure, ok.  Ok buddy.

August, utterly devastated: NoooO!!  I was talking to myself!!  I'm talking to myself....

*face palm*

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