Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY

Today we did church.  Not just church, marathon church.  The kids had choir practice 10-10:45, then we all had mass 10:45-11:45, coffee and donuts 11:45-12, play practice 12-1, and pizza party 1-1:30.  So a 3.5 hour day of churchy stuff.

Last night as we translate-chatted on the couch, I ran through the details of a Catholic mass and specifically our parish.  I told her jeans were fine for this Sunday but we'd look for some black or other slightly dressier pants ("do you like dresses or skirts ever?"  "no."  Ok then.) for Christmas mass.  (I realize this means more shopping between now and Tuesday and shudder). This morning I pulled out the kids' missal and explained more structure and timing of the mass.  We pulled out her Russian-language Bible and marked the pages of the three readings for the day with post-it notes.

Mass went fine.  She kept up with the Catholic aerobics and was clearly trying to respect the routine of the mass.  Coffee hour was fine; then we watched the kids in their Christmas Eve Nativity Show practice (Katie has solos again this year.  Maybe we'll be prepared and catch a little of it.  No promises.  Jorge filled in as Joseph today with the actual Mary-actress who was fully twice his height.)  Pizza and a bag of candy was a happy prize at the end.

Back at home, I finally got some food (curse you, pizza and cookie trays!) and then we headed to the zoo.  The seemed to catch most animals right at feeding time, so we got to see the elephants do some small tricks as they were fed, watched the wolves and tigers pacing around, and arrived to the lions to find them grunting and roaring to beat the band.  The monkeys were swinging and chattering, and the otters were out playing.  The lions eventually got into a hilarious game of tug-of-war with an old fire hose and we all laughed and played commentators.

By 4 we were burnt out and came home.  Some general puttering around, a few more episodes of Masha and Medved, dinner (M's choice: lemon-butter shrimp and some rice and orange wedges), and bedtime.  I thought we'd make the brownies that we picked out at the store on Wednesday, but M fell asleep reading Harry Potter, Rob went to bed around 10:30, and I'm not far behind.

Oh, one quick thing: August is super into coloring right now and has now colored a picture for each of us.  He insists that each be labeled in the form "Mommy's sleeping present" or "Katie's sleeping present" and he traces an "A" on the bottom of each.  "A for August!"  They are all hanging near our sleeping areas.  He also colored one for himself and I asked which wall near his bed he wanted to hang his.  He looked at me like I was daft and walked into OUR room and pointed at the wall by my bed.  "Right there.  This is where I sleep."  Um, yes, but we're pretending that it's not official.

Tomorrow: cavities being filled and hopefully I can talk her into going to Zumba.  I want to see her dance moves!  And more family fun with the kids involved.

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