Sunday, December 08, 2013

Last year I bought the three singers on the right, thinking how cute they were to match August, Jorge and Katie.  Since we didn't have a dark-haired girl at the time, I didn't buy the other girl in the set.

This week, Jorge's doll stopped working.  Fresh batteries made no difference.  While I joke that it's perfect for him, (because just like him it shows up for choir with every indication that it would be singing and then stands there and just stares at people without making a sound), I looked on ebay for a new dark-haired boy.  The best deal on his came with the dark haired girl, too, so now "M" will have her doll on the mantle with the other kids.    Should have all 4 together in about 10 days.  

Yes, the dolls and the real kids.

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