Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Just the highlights

In our conversation last night, it was made clear that she wanted to bring a lot of photos home.  I said that unless she wanted photos of the house, this would mean going somewhere and doing something worth photographing.  We looked online at local attractions and, since we had to go within 5 minutes of the place this afternoon anyway, went to a waterfall today.  It was 22 degrees as we stood downwind of a misting waterfall, y'all.  Cold hardly touches what it was.  But we had some smiles and some fun and a lot of whiney boys.  Typical, really.

Then cocoa.

Then home and a quick bite to eat, a pork roast into the crockpot, a general freshening up for everyone, and off to church.  Katie was an angel and sang a solo for the Gloria that was just beautiful.  Jorge was a shepherd and managed not to clock anyone with his staff or trip--a first after 4 weeks of rehearsals.  And August ran up and down the side aisle 100 times.  M read 2-3 chapter of Luke beyond the one I had marked as the gospel.  It was good enough.

Home.  Some photos.  Each kid opened two gifts.  Dinner with an assortment of melt-downs.  And everyone is tucked into bed.
Merry Christmas, from our home to yours.

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  1. "whiney Boys" .. tell Rob to quit whining .. ! !