Friday, December 27, 2013


Picture a small nap between each syllable.

M has her own routine--sleep until 9, breakfast, read in bed, nap noon to 3, we rush to squeeze in something entertaining from 3-6, eat, put littles to bed while she reads more, then 8pm-1am it's all on.  Wii games or chatting and watching youtube videos and then I throw myself into bed and she curls up reading until who knows when.  And repeat.  This means Rob and I are going from 7AM to 1 AM every day with at least one kid melting down, crying, fighting, or otherwise freaking out.

We had been warned that many of the kids have no coping skills for stress and frustration.  Actually, they DO have coping mechanisms, they just aren't generally acceptable.  Things like punching, spitting, kicking, screaming, etc are effective in an institution.  But M is mellow.  It's Jorge that is over the top INSANE.  Yesterday he spit at Rob.  Spit!  From several feet away and it hit a wall.  That one earned him an hour of scrubbing every wall in the living room and dining room.  Today he's been moo-ing around screaming for a lovely 97 minutes straight.  98.   We'd had plans to go to minigolf, dinner, and a movie.  Instead we've spent the the whole afternoon--the whole da@%!@ afternoon--listening to him scream and cry and wail about how "I just want to ask you a question.  I need to tell you something.  I just want to tell you something." (what?)  "you aren't listening!  I want to ask you something but you aren't listening!"  (quiet stare with raised eyebrows) "See you aren't listening!" (you think I'm not listening. I hear you.) "No!  You aren't listening." (quiet, raised eyebrows) "Fine!  I forget what it is!  Because you weren't listening!"  Repeat.  120 minutes.  He's thrown nearly everything in his room down the stairs (it all goes in a time-out box and he can earn back each and every item with an act of service.  Empty the dishwasher?  here's a shoe back.  Vacuum the couch?  Here's another shoe.  It's going to be a long naked weekend of work.  At least the house will be spotless.)

I've had it.  The girls are heading to the mall for dinner and a movie.  Jorge can stay here with Rob and wear himself out screaming.  August is mad to have missed mini-golf and is now throwing pillows off the couch because Jorge has convinced him that this is effective despite the fact that it has never worked ever.  Life.

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