Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Belated Monday, before it becomes way overdue Friday...

Monday broke with the unhappy promise of more dental appointments to have two cavities filled.  However, I woke at 6:30 and ran a 2 hour shopping spree trip to Target.  Now that I know her, I can finally round out her small pile of pack-able gifts.  And we just need stuff.

Home, regroup, dentist.  We were late which seems to be a real theme here.  We have trouble with understanding time expectations.  I say "about 10 minutes, we go" and point to the clock or tap my watch, flash 10 fingers, mime driving; tug on my clothes and say "get ready?" and another hitchhiker thumbing.  She says "ok" and goes upstairs.  The shower turns on.  Uh-oh.  The hair dryer.  Quiet.  I come upstairs and she's reading a book, or combing her hair somewhat casually.  I touch my watch again.  "we go."  Quiet nod.  No movement.  Teenage girl or language?  I don't know.

Anyhow, the cavities turned out to be just a cavity and we were done in 30 minutes.  The puffy cheek feeling was not a favorite and she ended up falling asleep for 3 hours all afternoon.  I ran down to the library to pick up the 6 Justin Bieber albums and one Bieber documentary DVD.  She'll be impressed.

Once awake I show her the spread of media and get a big smile and thank you.  I asked if she wanted to go dancing with me at Zumba at 5:30.  I had shown her videos; she dances back home.  We bought gym shoes and sweats last week.  "Yes" with a big smile.  "Ok.  15 minutes" (knowing we really had 45) (point.  fingers flash.  get ready).  "Yes".  She goes downstairs for a snack.  I say "I get dressed.  Get ready dance." and change into my usual workout gear.  I come downstairs to find her on the couch watching the kids play.

I point to the clock, which shows 5:10.  "5 minutes, we go.  You get dressed?"  Miming.  And she goes upstairs and I hear....the shower? 5:30.   Hairdryer.  5:45. Back into pajamas?  I say "we go?"  She shrugs and follows me downstairs and puts her boots on.  I ask "dance shoes?" and mime it.  "No."  "bring?" "No."  I grab the translator "You do not want to go?"  No.

Oh.  Ok.  Would have been nice to know that at 5:15 when I could have left for class.  Guess we're in for the night.  

Dinner goes smoothly.  She likes lighting the advent candles.  I tell her we will watch the movie after the kids go to bed.  As soon as the kids take their last bites I nudge her, saying in an urgent rush.  "Done.  Now, kids go to bed!We have a movie to watch!"  I get a smile and giggle.  Everyone curls up in pajamas in bed, reading.  I tease "you want to just read?  no movie?" and get a wide-eyed "no."  

We curl up on the couch and watch the Bieber story.  Cute baby.  Sweet kid.  A little grumpy and petulant at times, but he's 14, 15, 16...it's not too bad.  He grew up in Stratford Canada, born in 1994.  I tell her I was in that city that same year.  They show him playing in front of the Avon, I tell her I have stood on those same steps--he was only 1 year old then, though.  I get an appreciative nod.

Rob goes to bed after the movie and we curl up with dueling translating laptops.  We discuss the schedule for the next two days.  The movie.  What she wants to bring back for her friends.  What she wants to see and do.  We look online at local attractions.  We listen to some of her favorite musical artists (besides the Beibs).  I nearly fall asleep on her shoulder.  Bed.

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