Thursday, November 14, 2013

We've got that heart on the plane!

We're $650 shy of the final total, which includes the additional fees of her connecting ticket.  We have about 2 weeks to finish raising the rest, and the etsy shops are running well.   Rob and I put in a significant part of the total that's covered, but the rest is the generous donations of friends and family and strangers (aka friends we haven't met yet).  Thank you!

Additional donations--if you meant to but forgot--can be done through the links on the side or detailed in this post.  If you are considering purchasing something from our etsy stores, you can donate directly to M's fees and then email us showing the receipt* ( I'll then send you a coupon code (like a gift certificate) to get a product in the etsy store. Tax-deductible for you!

Or if you just want to purchase items and pay directly through etsy or paypal, the cash will help pay for incidental hosting expenses, like her clothes, luggage to bring back, Russian-to-English dictionaries, extra groceries, admission to the zoo and other museums and things, driving the 5 hours round-trip to pick her up in Buffalo, driving the 6 hours round-trip to go to an all-day training in Pennsylvania next weekend, etc.

Ways you can help:
1. Continue to pray for all of us.  M's health and peace of mind.  Our health and peace of mind.  All the kids who are still waiting in these last few days of possibly getting host families.  Families that are considering hosting but are still praying on it.  The people at NHFC who are working day and night to arrange fundraisers and awareness issues to put as many kids into families as possible and sometimes have to go back to hopeful kids and tell them it just isn't going to happen for them.
2. Share our etsy shops with friends!  Check back frequently because we add new stuff almost daily.  Share individual items or the shop with anyone that might like it for themselves or as a gift to give.
3. If you buy something from our etsy shop and you like it, leave a review letting other buyers know that it's worth the price.
4. See the side bar on here for a list of gently used items that we are still gathering for while she's here.  Some are needed on loan, some are for her to keep and take back with her.

You are all beautiful. Thank you!

*We don't get the receipts automatically; only when we ask, so it saves the book-keeper at NHFC a lot of hassle if you just show me your receipt.

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