Saturday, November 09, 2013

Up-cycled bike chain art UPDATED!

We're about $1000 short of M's travel expenses, and they're due December 1, 2013. Rob, as our resident bicycle fanatic, is making and selling bike-chain art.  These can be used as tree ornaments for the holidays or hang them from a rearview mirror or elsewhere year round (Ok, maybe the wreath isn't year-round)  (And, yes, hanging a bike-chain ornament from your car's rear-view may be a bit ironic) (Star is a cute key-chain and can have a keychain loop added)

And don't forget the prior offerings: bracelets.  These can, instead, have a keyring looped at the clasp and they make nice key rings which double as bottle openers.

Clean re-purposed bike chain in original steel or painted with your choice of color can be worn as a bracelet, or made into a key-chain loop.  Either way, the loops serve as a bottle-opener as needed.

Nice gift for your bike-enthusiast loved ones!

$10 per item; $6 shipping per total order.

To order and pay: 
Message us at to sort out details. You can pay directly to us by check, cash, or paypal; 
Or buy at Rob's Etsy Shop! 

All orders placed by Dec 1, 2013 will ship in time for Christmas.

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