Monday, November 04, 2013

Turns out he's just really freakin' smart

Jorge drives us nuts fairly often.  "Daily" sounds about right. We went into his parent-teacher conference with a  dread, expecting a long list of offenses: distracting others, sloppy work, destructive, oppositional--really nothing would have surprised us...

..Except what we did hear: given general directions like "pick a work and do it" he'll pick the easiest thing and then distract others (yes).  But given a little more guidance about choosing appropriately difficult work he's one of the finest workers in the class.

We've suspected that he is mostly pretending to read when he's "silent reading" since he flips pages so fast and claims to be reading books that are written at a 3rd or 4th grade reading level.  Turns out?  He is reading at a 3rd or 4th grade reading level.  Given a list of 495 "sight words" that kids are expected to read by the end of third grade, Jorge is able to easily read 481 of them already as an entering first grader.

He's doing multiplication work.  Correctly.  And fractions.

Now, as ever, I'm so grateful for his school.  Being in a mixed age classroom means that he can drift over and work with the second graders on advanced math topics, access books from the same shelves as the third graders in his classroom during reading comprehension works, work with his first grade buddies on cursive writing and grammar and learning to read music and play the recorder, and play with all of them at recess.

[Katie, as always, got glowing compliments from her teachers, too.  She's so kind and generous and helpful.  Sometimes that helpfulness slides off the cliff into bossy, but mostly helpful.  She remains, as always, our overly cautious perfectionist with paper-thin emotions and a righteous need for justice, fairness, and kindness by all.]

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