Saturday, November 02, 2013

Pillow Cases

We're about $1000 short of M's travel expenses, and they're due one month from today. I'll be making and selling personalized pillow cases as a fundraiser. (JUST the case, I won't be shipping pillows).

They feature appliqued on letters; either just a single letter or a full name. Your choice of colors/designs for letters onto either solid white or solid cream for the actual case. Cases are made from premium quality 100% cotton muslin; appliques are also 100% cotton.  All pre-washed and shrunk.  Finished cases are 21"x32" (standard pillow case size; not king-sized.  But can do king sized upon request for small additional fee.)


  • Just an initial: $25 each. 
  • Full name: $30 each 
  • Add Ric-rac or cording trim at the opening: $5
  • Additional applique work: $5-$10 depending on complexity
  • Shipping: $6 total 

To order:
Email:; (comment here, too, in case it goes to spam mail.)
Can also buy on Etsy: 

Fully customized, so if you really wanted a different background, a ric-rac trim, etc we can talk. Or if you want the name done on the cuff of the case instead across the center; if you want the initial in a corner, etc. Can also add some very basic shapes: e.g. a cross, heart, flower, star, simple elephant, dragon, sailboat, turtle... Shapes are an extra $5-10 depending on complexity.

I don't have unlimited time, so I'm only doing this until we raise the total amount. No more than 75 orders will be taken. If you order and pay by Dec 1, 2013, I promise shipping before Christmas.

Some sample fabrics (but tell me about your recipient; everything is custom.  These are just some I have in the house) (click to see any in large screen; see more samples on Etsy listing)


  1. What will the matroyshka dolls look like? Kelli

    1. I'd work off of this basic pattern

      Otherwise, I have to fabrics with them printed on and could cut-and-applique those on as the whole printed image. (see image files in post). That would be $1 extra.

  2. I'll order 4 that are white with the matroshka fabric (the one on the right) as the end border and a single one cut out and appliquéd in the opposite bottom corner. Would that be ok? How much should my total donation be?

    1. So the cuff would be the smaller lined-up doll print (2 rows of dolls would be a 3.5-4" cuff) and then one offset single larger doll (from the other fabric) on each? $15 per case -- $65 total with shipping.

    2. Can you use the Sam fabric for the cut out too?

    3. Sure! They're just a lot smaller. But totally do-able. Would you want all 4 pillows to have different dolls, same, matching pairs...?

  3. They can be all different. I just sent a $100 donation for E0420! Excited for you guys! I'll message you our new address.