Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Light Scoop

So, it's winter now.  Not technically, but for all major purposes, it's winter.  Which means there is decent (although thin) light for about 9 hours of the day and then all photos require flash.  Which means my photos start to look like this:

I've been wanting some new toys for my camera/photography hobby and had promised myself I'd get one whenever I got a paper published.  That finally happened last week, but all of our discretionary money is being reserved for hosting expenses right now.  I was resigned to waiting until spring.  Then I remembered the LightScoop that another blog reviewed awhile back.  At $19.95 it was an affordable reward.  And since it makes flash photography go from that blue-ish gray washed out shadowy image to this, it's the perfect treat for me as we enter the long dark winter of many photo-worthy moments.

Love this boo!

That little foot on the knee...

(Exact same room lighting, flash, and camera settings in all three images, just removed the Lightscoop in the first image.)

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