Friday, November 08, 2013

August, just yammering away next to me.

(Came into this after a few minutes of the same)

I like cookies and sunflower seeds.  Raisins, too.  I like fish sticks.  I like crackers.  I like sminimon toast crunch.  I like banana bread and bananas and chex.  And chicken and spaghetti and peas and salad.  And salad dressing.   I like apricots.  I like AAAAPE-ricots.  And cookies.   And apples.  And peeled apples.  And I like cookies, too.  And broccoli sometimes a little bit.  and I like to lay on the couch and I like to eat bread.  And i like to drink tea, and i like to drink COFFEE. And if the coffee says something, I don't know.  Bwa haha.

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