Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hosting Fees Update

You people.  My goodness.  YOUR goodness.  It blows me away.

We're up to $2190 raised out of the $2950 total.  THANK YOU.

We have until Dec 1 to raise the remaining $760.  That suddenly seems like an easy goal.  THANK YOU. If you still intend to donate, the links are on the sidebar to the right.

Thank you!  It really can't be said enough and can not begin to capture how incredibly grateful and moved we are by your generosity.  We can't wait to give M a home and family for a few weeks!



  1. I imagine there will be some restrictions on what you can blog while she is with you. I hope you all have fun.

    I also hope that you will remind us just prior to her arrival, so that we will be aware of the forthcoming downtime.

    By the way, if you ever want to run a greatest hits, I would love to read again the post about standing up in church on your first mothers day as an expectant mom, and the post about Jorge bringing a tray of "tea" to Katie when she gets up in the morning. And every post about August is a favorite, so there aren't really any BIG standouts there yet.

    All the best,
    Genevieve Shockley (Texas)

    1. GenE -- You got me digging to find that first post you mentioned. I knew it was from very early in Katie's pregnancy and the blog had not been started then. I finally found the reference to it: Such an emotional time!

  2. Thank you. I enjoyed reading it again.