Monday, October 21, 2013


We were home to Ohio for a few days.  More on that later.  For now: we're home-home.

We got off to a rough start on the way home with August throwing up his entire breakfast only 20 minutes into a 9-10 hour drive.  We stopped at a rest stop and cleaned him, the car, and his hot wheels up.  Twenty minutes and many baby-wipes later we were ready to hit the road again. Instead, the car was dead.  We called in the closest available relative and got jump-started (thanks again, Cindy & PJ), but were then a extra hour behind our already hour-late start to the trip.  We got home after 9:30 Sunday night and are all groggily catching up with life today.

More later.  For now, I leave you with my view (and sleeping options) for our hotel stop on the way there last week:
From angle of chin, down to the angle of the right foot, synchronized sleeping GOLD.

The bed I got to sleep in.  Feet in the face are guaranteed or your money back.*

*There will be no money back.   Or sleep.  Just feet.

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