Thursday, October 03, 2013

Dearest August, on turning 3 (and 1 month and change...)

By early summer, I found myself telling everyone you were three, because two just didn't seem to fit you anymore.  You were so talkative, opinionated, and confident in yourself that "two" felt like I was sneaking you into something you were far too mature for.  When it comes to the big kids, you have no doubts you are able to keep up. And so I'd just round up to three, which is fine unless something was "Free for 2 and under" when I'd correct myself and look like a sneak or an idiot.

But, really, you were in the mix, holding your own, and being Very Three by early summer.

You are now finally potty trained.  Shhhh...don't say it too loudly or we may jinx it.  Katie and Jorge both happily self-trained around 2.5 but you stubbornly held out to just past age 3.  After nearly three weeks, I'm going to mark it as "potty trained with very rare accidents." Good job, little dude.

You are funny--so funny--and sweet and passionate and stubborn and determined.  You have a righteous sense of justice and fairness.  You rarely accept something for yourself if you think the other kids are missing out; instead you ask for some to share with them, too.  When we made a soup a few days ago, you decided that it was for "M".  At dinner, you insisted we had to wait and eat it with "M" when she got here.  Two and a half months doesn't seem reasonable for a soup to sit in waiting, so we talked you off of that ledge, but it was a pretty strong conviction.  I love that heart of yours.

You love to tell stories.  Perhaps my favorite: Rockefeller Peanutpaste and his self-made lego rocket (with a picnic lunch provided by his mother) go to the moon and see the green moon bears, which are distracted by tossing the peanut butter sandwiches and so Rockefeller Peanutpaste escapes.  Many other stories involve the adventures of Prince Auggie.  FoxyPuppy was also a feature for many weeks.  FoxyPuppy would go on adventures through the fields and woods and ponds and always end up at home for a treat and a snuggle.  You never tire of these.

I'm so enamored with you, sweet August.


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