Saturday, September 28, 2013

Making Room

We're not expecting M until mid-December, but part of our early paperwork asks for a letter from our family that includes pictures.  Among them should be a photo of her bed and room, so we had to set it up--at least temporarily--for the photo.

Katie is so excited to have a roommate for a few months. She immediately fell to the task of figuring out which items in her room could go into the attic, craft corner of the basement, donations, or re-organized.  We discussed multiple arrangement options; wanting to keep M's bed from being pressed against an exterior wall.

This morning, on a whim, we popped into a garage sale.  This sweet bed frame was for sale as part of a much larger set, including another identical twin frame plus dressers, nightstands, etc.  We really just need the frame of one twin bed*. When we told the lady why, she agreed to break up the set AND gave me a great price.  So it came home with us.

Then we hit the local thrift store and found a beautiful red and white comforter and some cute bolster pillows for both girls' beds.

Once we got home, we put it all together for photo purposes.  August kept shoving stuff out into the hallway, saying "we have to make room for 'Eena to come!"  Katie looked at her own bed--complete with 4 posts and a pink glittery canopy, and then at M's relatively simple bed.  She looked back and forth, back and forth, and from multiple angles.  Frowning.

"Mom.  I think we should remove the posts and canopy from my bed.  It makes my bed look so much fancier.  I don't want 'M' to feel like she's less important.  I want her to feel just as special and important as me. I want us to match."  And so we immediately did.

I love these kids.


Two and a half months to go!

*Random long detail point: August's bed is built into the frame of Jorge's bunk bed and the box spring and mattress, in theory, sit there.  However, Jorge's upper bunk just uses a mattress and so August just has a box spring from that set plus several thick foam toppers; no actual mattress.  Regardless, for the last 2 months or more, he's been sleeping in a crib in our room because he has nightly nightmares.  These wake Jorge and require us to walk across the hall to sooth both boys, by which point August is really freaking out and everyone in the house is awake.  If he's within arm's reach, we can cut it down to just one adult soothing him and no one leaving a bed.  Point being: we have a box spring plus thin mattress that could be moved to Katie's room; just no frame for it.    All done.  We are still planning on buying a real mattress for M's bed.  After she leaves, we'll put the box spring AND mattress back in the boys' room for August.  Until then, if August suddenly is able to sleep in the boys' room again, we'll move the crib mattress in there.

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