Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bike for a Cause

This past weekend was the HillBender to raise money for Two Smiles One Hope, which works toward finding a cure and supporting families affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Our godson was diagnosed with this several years ago and continues to benefit from emerging therapies. New therapy options are being discovered every week, and this group helps fund research but also helps families get access to resources that they might otherwise lack.  This is our fifth year doing the event in some way.


The kids arranged for $80 in sponsorships and then $0.50 per lap per kid which, in the end, earned them $20 more for a total of $100.  That's right, the kids did a total of 40 laps, each a half-mile.  Katie did 18 laps (9 miles), Jorge 17 laps (8.5 miles) and little August rocked out 5 full laps on his tiny bike (2.5 miles).  The course had hills on both ends, so it was LITERALLY up hill both ways.  So proud of these little dudes.

Jorge cheering August on as they pass on the course.  
If you pledged to the kids or Rob (or even if you didn't and want to do so now), you can mail your tax-deductible pledged donation to Two Smiles One Hope. Put "Kids Bike-a-thon" somewhere on the check or note if you want. This lets the organizers understand where their efforts are returning donations so they can plan for future events.

Two Smiles One Hope, Inc.
PO Box 435
Fayetteville, NY 13066


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