Thursday, September 05, 2013

And so now we're calm....right? right?!

DSC_6508.JPGThe kids started back to school on Wednesday. Unfortunately my job went into warp-overdrive mode the same day and I've been logging 15+ hours each day of frantic crazy.  So we're a little slow on these.

Katie, darling girl, is now a third grader.  I remember thinking I was so old and mature in third grade.  Partially because I was finally on the second floor of our elementary school which put K-2 in the lower level, 3-4 on the 2nd floor, and 5-6 on the third floor.  Being above ground ensured I was a big kid.

Katie went off that morning pretty sure she was a big kid and had this classroom thing mastered.  It's her third year in the same classroom, so she was prepared to be the expert.  You can imagine, then, why she spent nearly two hours in tears that night after finding out that the whole class schedule for activities was re-arranged, several norms in the classroom were being restructured, and, oh yes, they had gym that day.  Gym!  And there she was, in a dress and crocs instead of gym shoes and shorts.  Like some sort of under-prepared newbie.  Nevermind that they had never, in the last 5 years, never ever had "specials" in the first week.  Music, art, gym, library, etc were all started in the second week.  Nevermind that they didn't give us any notice that they would have fitness on Wednesday. Nope. Katie asked to stay home, to be home-schooled, and to not go back. She has her mother's response to being knocked off of her confident little soapbox.  (She did go back Thursday and survived.  We're all better now.)
Jorge, Mr. Social, headed off to first grade.  He had a half day orientation on Tuesday because he's new to his classroom.  They had the six new kids come in and learn the layout and routines a little before hitting the full day and full class on Wednesday.  He's always happy with life if he gets to play with friends, so he was excited to have fitness class, too, even though he was also missing his appropriate gym shoes.  But Jorge wouldn't blink an eye if asked to climb a tree, jump into a pool, and then do pushups while wearing a suit and tie and slippers; as long as he was doing it with friends.  No problems here.  He's excited that the classroom has a lot of books that he likes to read.  He's also very excited that so many of his friends are in his group.  Can you sense the main draw of school for Jorge?  Don't get me wrong, he loves to learn, too, but after a summer of mostly just Katie and August, he's excited for some like-minded friends.
So there they went.  

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