Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sleep Safely

August has been riding his bike all over town the last few days.  He's gaining confidence and reliability in crossing streets.  The basic rule is to stop at the end of the sidewalk and then ask two questions:

1. Is mommy with me (if no, do not proceed to step 2.  Wait.  Keep waiting.)
2. "Look left? No cars.  Look right?  no cars.  Okaaaaaaay, let's cross."

If mommy says "Yep, I agree!" we go.  If not, we wait.

He's pretty good.  I've agreed 100% of his calls, and he's identified the cars that require waiting the few times there have been any.  I generally like how quiet our streets are, but the one downside is that they don't offer much practice in waiting and timing for crossing busier streets.  All in time.

Anyhow, tonight we snuggled into bed and he slipped into a heavy dreamy sleep almost immediately.  As I crept out of the room I heard him sleeptalk "No cars?  Let's Cross!" before rolling himself over to the far side of the bed.

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