Saturday, August 31, 2013

Feeling really sympathetic for Caroline Ingalls today

Goal for the day upon waking up: take a shower.

Actually did:

  • woke up on 6 hours sleep (good book = 2 AM bedtime); 
  • had some coffee (thank you, thank you, thank you Rob); 
  • processed 1/3 of our apples to make 3 gallon freezer bags of applesauce and 2 huge jars of apple butter, 
  • canned 3 jars of sweet-fire-inspired pickled beets and a jar of cucumber pickles too (and then found more beets in the bottom drawer from last week's haul.  Augh!); 
  • sent Rob to the store on his bike for a list of things;
  • ran a very grumpy over-heated August through a cool bath while blowing bubbles, then snuck off to lay down (still in my pajamas) for 2 freakin' minutes while Jorge talked to him and came back to find the bathroom flooded; 
  • mopped the bathroom; 
  • bribed the kids into folding laundry, vacuuming, and dusting and then let them play sumdog; 
  • had a late lunch;
  • sent Rob to the store on his bike with another list of things;
  • got dressed and walked with August & Jorge on bikes and Katie on foot to the park, played, had a stranger-danger talk, and walked back with a wailing screaming Jorge; 
  • did puzzles with August; 
  • admired/watched Katie's weaving project; 
  • browsed the library's online catalog to reserve some movies for tonight for a fun family treat (first movie night of the summer! No time like the present!) but then realized they'd closed at 5 and it was 5:25 so no picking them up until Tuesday
  • made dinner to use up all the green beans and carrots (so.many.carrots.) and some more of the pesto; 
  • meanwhile also washed and steamed some blueberries and made gluten-free/dairy-free scones to have as dessert; 
  • ate (after helping mop up the apple cider spill by August); 
  • sat on the porch guiding Katie's crochet-practice whilst spinning some yarn from our new bag of roving; 
  • came in and washed (nearly) all of those pots and pans and crockpots and other insanity by hand b/c the dishwasher was full from regular dinner dishes; 
  • kissed the big kids goodnight as they went up to read in bed;
  • did a surprisingly tricky 60-piece puzzle with August (maybe I was getting tired); 
  • kissed August goodnight and let Rob deal with him;
  • threw a load of laundry in the washer; 
  • wrote this post and wondered who was setting off fireworks on our block because HOLY COW that's loud ;
  • and I'm done... soon as I get that shower (then back to reading my book!).


  1. And the book that keeps you up late reading is??

    Jennifer M.

    1. Dark Places, by Gillian Flynn -- murder mystery suspense. I usually don't go for that at ALL, but a few months ago a friend raved about "Gone Girl" by the same author and I put it on my kindle wait-list without even skimming a description (I trust this friend's taste completely blindly, apparently). It downloaded and I started reading it with no idea what it was about and was into chapter 3 before I realized it was a suspense/mystery (adults behaving badly, so fairly non-stressful). From the title I expected some sort of coming of age story or maybe a divorcee drama. NOPE. Loved the writing enough to get out another of her books. But this one involved kids being hurt at random and that's harder for me to enjoy. Still couldn't put it down until I found out who did what and when, though!