Thursday, August 22, 2013

All the stuff I forgot to blog

I feel like I missed a bunch of stuff this summer.  Like a nice little post about Katie's 8th birthday which was much-promised but never written.  Or a single word about August's 3rd birthday which happened 2 weeks ago.  We went to a water park.  We re-did the porch which involved a team of people and about two weeks where walking out the front door would have meant falling 8 feet into a concrete storage space; then we spent the rest of the summer manually scraping and re-painting the rest of it.  The garden was moved and is cranking out tomatoes and pumpkins at the rate of a garden three times its size.  There was a fishing derby one day.  The kids did a mini-tour-de-'cuse bike race set with Rob.  It's been so busy and most of it was missed here.

I'll do what I can to catch up.  School starts for me next week, which means more time trapped at my desk with just enough time to write but not enough to do something truly productive.  Expect the usual uptick in posts.

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