Sunday, July 14, 2013


DSC_6221.JPG -c1 When August was littler and taking 2-3 naps per day, plus bedtime and night-wakes and the big kids both expected long stories, I calculated that I spent over 8 hours a day just tucking kids into bed.

These day, bedtime is much less time consuming but seems more haphazard and aggravating.  Since the boys share a room, Rob usually reads a few chapters of a book to the kids in our room while I try to get August to sleep.  He lays in his doorway (he's supposed to stay in his room and he generally makes sure at least some part of his body is still in the doorway) and plays with Mr. Bear.

Jorge inevitably falls asleep in our bed during the reading, August nearly never falls asleep until we give up and leave and then later find him on the floor which his head wedged against the heater.  Katie heads to her room and reads to herself for another hour or more until we tell her to get some sleep.  Rob and I shake our heads, tuck everyone into their actual beds, and call it a day.

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