Sunday, June 23, 2013

So...  I think my sister Cindy may be obligated to drive here and slap me.

But, to be fair, we didn't buy a Bratz doll for Katie.  We bought it for Jorge: the Bratz Boyz (yes, with a z). Katie has a perfectly lovely BFC Ink doll which has one boy doll in the line up. Unfortunately, he's milk-white with green eyes and blond hair.  Double unfortunately, all BFC Ink dolls are discontinued and he currently runs in the $50 range.  For $50 I want perfection.  For $30 I'll do some work.  For $15 I'll do a fair bit of work.  I was not about to dye his hair and change his eyes and figure out how to tan him.

American Girl and their knock-off store lines have zero boy dolls, but lots of tutorials for transgender operations.  Given their fairly cylindrical bodies and sweet faces, they hold up as either boys or girls.  They are, however, soft-bodied and fairly non-articulated and Jorge wanted something that can get wet and can pose, like Katie's doll.  Plus, proportionally they are much larger than Katie's doll, looking like giant 8 year olds standing next to a miniature 12 year old.

Heart-4-Hearts are beautiful, fully plastic/vinyl, just the right size, and can be modified, but all have pierced ears which bothered Jorge as a boy doll that would "look like him" but not.

Insert long list of other dolls we considered as boy dolls or as dolls to transgender: Carpatina, Kidz and Cats, Magic Attic, large GI Joe...

In the end, he insisted that this is the doll that looked like him:

And, if you swap out the outfit for shorts and a tshirt and put on some glasses, it's pretty close.  (Minus the tattoos.)

He's all plastic, but seriously muscular.  He makes Ken dolls look a little doughy.  His head, arms, and legs move, but not the knees or elbows or wrists or ankles or waist.  The shoes come off as the entire foot (!) so you swap out the black shoe'd foot for, say, a foot with sandals or tennis shoes on it.  He's only 10" tall so he's TINY compared to Gianna and I'm going to hate making any clothes other than really basic shorts.  On the plus side, they're sold as fashion-y boy dolls with lots of clothing options; on the down side, those options are almost exclusively long pants (jean or dark), a shirt, and a jacket. I'll make him some swim trunks and I've ordered some summer-sandal (flip-flop) wearing feet.

I'm still more inclined to the Heart-4-Hearts dolls if I could find a Consuelo doll and somehow patch her earring holes (in addition to a hair and make-up adjustment).  But Cade is coming on Tuesday and we'll just hope it works out.  Or that he loses interest quickly.

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  1. Face/Maleup.. looks like a girl to me ..
    by the way , the boy is a BOY .. what is this with the dolls ?? mm .. just asking ya know..
    GrandPa N