Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Camping Trip: A Photo-journal by Jorge

The kids are allowed to bring a non-digital camera to their sleep-away camp in a few weeks.  For practice, we gave them each a single-use film camera on our recent family vacation (to be blogged eventually...).  We dropped the film off last weekend and were super excited to get it back this morning.

A few of the better pictures from Jorge
One of the 6,000 chipmunks running everywhere in the campground

Jorge was excited to do portraits: us at the cabin

He also got some gorgeous scenery shots

Inside the "boys cabin" at the camp they'll be going to this summer

The "mess hall" at the camp they'll be going to this summer

Another gorgeous landscape shot by Jorge: the lake at their summer camp

A shot of li'l brother August

His classroom at school is called "Birch" so he was excited to have a photo in front of Birch trees

Another family shot taken by Jorge

August with one of the many landmarks guiding throughout the park


  1. Sorry if this is a duplicate as not sure the original went through.

    My kids are grown and this is an old hint that you may already know.

    When packing the kids duffle/trunk, lay out each days outfit in a stack of pants/shorts; shirt; underwear; socks; etc. Roll up the stack in to a log, and secure each end of the log with string or a rubber band.

    Now, each morning when they are getting ready, the kids only have to grab a "log" instead of digging through the duffle/trunk to grab all the outfit pieces.

    All the best,

    Genevieve Shockley gsh7768@yahoo.com

  2. I love the shot of you and Rob in the cabin. Hahahaha! So perfect.

    His scenery shots are amazing! The capture of the forest is my favorite. Well done, Jorge.