Friday, June 21, 2013

Growing up WAY too fast

This week:

Katie has fallen madly in crush with, literally, the boy next door.  He stays with his grandparents every summer and there's a very obvious reciprocal crush happening here.  Last night I was reading in the hammock around 9:30 (yay for such late sunsets!) and heard a hopeful "Katie?" whispered through the fence.  Rendezvous at dusk, much?  Obvious disappointment when it turned out to be a boring old person.  We're trying to be subtle in our efforts to keep it from escalating and taking over the whole summer.  It's fantastic that this nice young boy lives next door and plays with both big kids; I don't want Jorge to be lost in the mix.

August--brace yourself--is riding a bicycle with training wheels.  He's two, people.  Two!


And Jorge is having a super fantastic week.  As you know, we struggle with his moods and meltdowns on a daily (hourly) basis.  On a recommendation, we're trying a new approach of basically "nit-picking the positives" and it's going great.  He's feeling so much more secure and successful and is obviously rolling with that happy energy to find other ways to be successful.  Yes, it means occasionally cheering for things like "Hey, great job getting your pajamas right after I asked!  Those look so cozy!"  But as much as I generally dislike the culture of "you did the bare minimum, here's a sticker!", we're going to spend a few weeks here and then raise the bar slowly back up to normal.

On a note of Jorge success: He helped Rob can 14 jars of strawberry jam.  He has said for years that he wants to open a restaurant, so success in cooking is always a boost for him.  Even more so if it's a "big-batch" type cooking.  It also turned out to be a math experience: While making the strawberry jam, he went ahead and added up the cost of all ingredients from the receipts (on paper, no calculators), helped figure out how 8 quarts of strawberries would yield 32 cups of jam and that would require 16 jars (multiplication and division).  Then he took the total price of the ingredients divided by 16 to get the cost of materials per jar.  Also, since this involved doing 8 times the regular recipe, he scaled all the ingredients for our shopping list: 8 times the number of lemons, 8 times the number of CERTO packets (and since they come 2 to a box, how many boxes...) and, the real kicker, 8 times the number of cups of sugar, then divide that by 11 to get the approximate number of 5 pound bags.  He went to the store with Rob and followed the list, did most of the measuring, and a lot of other parts.  He's ready to cook for an army!


  1. Now THAT deserves a huge sticker.. not sure I could to all that .. and make the jam too?? way to go Jorge ! !
    Grandpa N.,

  2. Seriously, I have a major crush on your kids' school. Good gravy. Way to go J-man!!!!