Sunday, June 09, 2013

Catching Up

DSC_5999.JPGSo, right.  It's been a busy few weeks here.

Last Friday my parents called around noon to let me know they'd decided that morning that they wanted to make the 550+ mile trip to our house later that day and so, were we busy that weekend?  Never too busy for a visit!  This was the visit to make up for missing Katie's first communion (a cousin, who is a godson to one of my parents, got married the same weekend and knowing they couldn't do both, this was the next best plan for everyone), so they attended her fourth communion.  Still just as special and a lot less nervous.

She opted not to wear her dress to mass, feeling too conspicuous, but definitely wanted a formal photo.  So we changed into the dress and shoes and headband after mass for some posing. She even took the wine for the first time since the actual first communion--she usually bypasses it.

So, of course that was one exciting event.  We do most things here in dozens.

DSC_5991.JPG DSC_5990.JPG DSC_5993.JPG

We also had Jorge's kindergarten graduation that weekend, which we sold as the main reason for their visit.  Between Katie's first communion, the fact that she had about five friends with birthday parties in the last month, and that she has her own birthday coming up, spring is hard for Jorge.  Add in his natural dislike of change and the fact that he was graduating from the only classroom he's ever known (over 2.5 years!) made him stressed and grumpy.  Having Grandma and Grandpa Farm show up just as we got home from the graduation was a perfect distraction from his own stress.  His teachers did a lovely little tribute video with all the pictures of the graduating kids over their 2-3 years in the classroom.  They're lovely, kind, creative, and exceptionally patient women who we will miss terribly.

Somewhere in there, August gave up his binkies (pacifiers).  We had been casually talking about the binkie fairy for months.  Babies who are ready to be big boys put all their binkies --all of them--into a bag and hang it on the doorknob. The binkie fairy comes and takes them to give to really tiny babies and leaves the big kid something fun.  One afternoon he just dumped them all in our laps and said "done.  Give them to the binkie fairy" and that was it.

Katie's binkie fairy exchange left her a princess fairy gown, wand, shoes, and hat; but obviously August had his own plans.  Figuring it was best to let him lead, I asked him at bedtime what he thought the binkie fairy would bring: "A digger or a dump truck and a shirt with a digger or a dump truck"  Sounds good.  So around 7:30 I drove the 2 miles to Babies R Us thinking I had a fairly easy assignment: Tonka truck, some sort of construction themed clothing item.  Turns out, construction themed baby items are so 2003.  Now, everything is monkeys, sharks, rockstar/guitars, hipster-bowties, and pirates.  Absolutely nothing had a truck, digger, bulldozer, crane, or cement mixer on it.  And the only truck-like toys were for 3-6 month babies.  Cursing.  I drove the 15 miles to a Toys R Us (arriving 10 minutes before closing) and found one tiny section of construction related truck toys, no shirts.  I had noticed some construction shirts on the site earlier that week, so I then ran just down the mall-lined-street to Kohls and found four different styles in his size, all on clearance for $2.98.  Bought them ALL.

DSC_5984.JPG DSC_5986.JPG
There was much rejoicing that morning.  He's worn each shirt at least once and sleeps with the Tonkas.  No one misses the binkies at all.

Katie had four teeth pulled.  The dentist was worried about her horribly cramped teeth and sent her to an orthodontist who said if we had the four stubborn baby teeth pulled, the adult teeth would likely grow in straighter and be easier to align with minimum intervention.  If we left them (and they showed no signs of coming out on their own anytime soon) her adult teeth would basically grow in sideways.  So, out they came.  It was a long horrible day but it's done.

The big kids had their last day of school:

DSC_6008.JPG Last Day of School (K and 2nd) DSC_6010.JPG

And we had an end-of-the-school-year picnic on a rainy chilly day.  

And, finally, yesterday we had Katie's "friend" party for her birthday. That will get its own post tomorrow.

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  1. 2003 sounds right. I think most of Ben's wardrobe was construction. And fire trucks.