Monday, June 24, 2013

An interview with Jorge

Jorge at 6 years 5 months

What is your favorite food? Does it matter if it's like spaghetti?  Do fruits and vegetables count?  (yes) then watermelon.
What is your favorite song to sing? Can we get back to that one?
What is your favorite song to listen to? Jake and the Neverland Pirates (theme song)
What is your favorite movie? That's hard, I have three.  Transformers (80's cartoons), GI Joe (80's cartoons), Superman (the 1980's version)
If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be? (long thoughtful pause) A tiger
What is your favorite color? Red.
If you could pick one vegetable for us to never eat again, what would it be? Onions.
What is your favorite book? The Hobbit
Where would you like to go on a vacation? Puerto Rico
Who is your best friend? Jacob T from school
What do you like to do with this friend? play.  He always wants to play Ninja Mice.  I don't think you'd know it.  I don't even know it.
What is your favorite outfit? shark shirts
Can you tell me a joke that you like? But this might be a long one.  "A box without hinges.." wait, that's not a joke, it's a riddle.  "What kind of dinosaur could jump higher than a house?" ......  "All of them.  Houses can't jump."
Fairies or Princesses?  what? I do not have a favorite of any of those.
Favorite Flower? does it have to be a boy flower?  [what's a boy flower?] how about a dandelion?
Favorite Bird? A crow
Favorite Butterfly? I don't know that much butterflies.  Bee butterflies.
Favorite Season? winter
Favorite work at School? working in the class garden
Favorite Dinosaur? yay!  T-rex.
What do you think are three words that describe you? do they have to rhyme?  (no) Smart, nice, brave
What do you want to be when you grow up? a person who owns a restaurant
Anything else you want to share? I like to build with Legos.  I like playing the piano.
How about that favorite song to sing? I don't really sing.  I like to hum.
{he's always humming to himself; just little melodies he makes up]

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  1. Your kids are killing me. "What? I do not have a favorite of any of those."