Monday, June 24, 2013

An interview with August

August at 2 years 10 months  (taken verbatim from him as we chatted and ate Veggie Stix)

What is your favorite food? Veggie Stix and my food is dinner.  My favorite food is dinner.  But veggie sticks are my best friends.  (Picking up a handful and addressing them affectionately)  These guys are my best friends.  This guy is little.  And this guy is little.  And this guy is little.  And this guy is the biggest.  Ahhhhh (crunch).
What is your favorite song to sing? Twinkle.
What is your favorite song to listen to? Twinkle, also.
What is your favorite movie? Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train.
If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be? Piggy
What is your favorite color? Yellow.  What's your favorite color? (me: purple) **Betrayed Gasp!**  What's daddy's favorite? yellow?
If you could pick one vegetable for us to never eat again, what would it be? salad.  I don't like salad.  I don't like salad with mayonaisse. Cuz that's silly.
What is your favorite book? Twinkle book.The twinkle little star book.  The big red one that daddy had in his hand at church.  I never read that when I got daddy and I read it at church.  it's a church book, right?  I read it with daddy when August got daddy.  And I read it with daddy. Because I was the grandfather.  Daddy was a grandfather and I was a daddy.  And you were just a mommy.  I like songs like Mr. Golden Sun.  (please note that all of those "read" are pronounced REED, not RED)
Where would you like to go on a vacation? Bible school 'acation.
Who is your best friend? Jorge.  (me: I thought the veggie sticks were your best friend?)  Noooo.  Jorge.  Jorge.  Curious Jorge.  He's a monkey.  Right?  Monkeys live on the tree top.

(Sung to the tune of "rock-a-bye-baby") Mooonkeys live on the tree top.  On the tree top.  When the cradle breaks...when the...when the....

(frustrated) How I say it?  How does it go?

(singing again without waiting for me to answer) Rock-a-bye-baby, on the tree top, when the cradle breaks, when the wind breaks the cradle...

(me: when the wind blows, the cradle will rock?)

Noooo, that's isn't what it doesn't say.

What do you like to do with this friend? I like to do with...I like to do with...Jorge likes to do puzzles with me.
What is your favorite outfit? my dresses
Can you tell me a joke that you like? Yah.  Laughin'.
Fairies or Princesses?  Princesses
Favorite Flower? Fairy ones
Favorite Bird? Eagles
Favorite Butterfly? Blue
Favorite Season? winter cuz I like it.  It's so cold.  Summer is hot.  Spring is not hot.  Spring is rain.  And I get rain on my head.  Spring is showers.  I get showers in my hair when the rain comes down.  Do you like showers on your hair when the rain comes down!??  I like showers on my hair when the rain comes down and I like to wash my face when the rain comes down and I like to wash my hair when the rain comes down and I swim in the water in a lake and I get my towel and I lay on my towel.  I carry it with my car and I open the door to my car so I can get out, so I can get another thing and I get something in my seat and I sit on it.  I sit on the purple towel. And the green towel goes in my basket and it goes in my trunk basket and the purple one it goes in my seat and I sit, I sit on the purple one.  The purple towel.  Yep.  Is that crazzzy?  (Holy cow, y'all.  Typed that verbatim as he spewed it out.  Love this kid)
Favorite work at School? I like to do laundry, I like to do veggie sticks.  These guys are the little.  Are these little?  Veggie sticks?  They are the littlest.
Favorite Dinosaur? T-Rex.  T-Rex is mine favorite dinosaur.  And T-rex is my favorite dinosaur what says ROAR and dinosaurs say ROAR.
What do you think are three words that describe you? Auggie is a big boy cuz he went poopy and pee-pee on the potty.  I'm going to go poopy and peepee on the potty right now.  I'm going to get the seat on and I'm going to get the step and I'm going to get my dumptruck to use him as a step.  (attempts to dissuade this plan fail heartily).
What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to drive a dumptruck.  And I want to use the dumptruck as a step.
Anything else you want to share? Pooooooopy!  Come look mom!  (clapping for himself)  And dad! Come look at my pooopy!  And mom.  Mom?  Daaaaaad, come look at the poopy I made in this big big potty!  And look at the poopy I made in the potty from my bottom!  In the potty.  In the big big potty.  Can you look at it!?  And I used the dumptruck as a step.

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  1. Hahahaha! "That isn't what it doesn't say." = favorite line today.

  2. These interviews are great!