Saturday, May 11, 2013


We've had a virus in the house that took out Katie Thursday - Monday of last weekend, me Saturday through Tuesday, and August Tuesday through Friday.  Jorge had a mild version of it in the middle of that. Rob has managed to say above water.

The pattern is one day of groggy and disoriented; one day of total exhaustion, high fevers, dizziness, and vomiting; then another 2 days of groggy and fever spikes; and then just a few days of feeling completely exhausted coupled with a hacking cough.

  Too sick to enjoy his kingdom

So Rob is doing all the work.  The rest of us are mostly just napping every chance we get on whatever surface fits.


  1. In other words, this is why our house is a mess.

    BTW: elderberry extract is an effective anti-viral regimen. I don't know if knocking on wood is as well, but I think I'd better keep doing that, too.

  2. Elderberry! Thank you, Rob. I forgot about that. I have some upstairs and will put it in my water today.

    Good luck to all of you. I'm finally getting over whatever in the world I contracted May 1st. Wahoo!