Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Not bad for a Tuesday morning.

Apparently, we missed a few steps in the parenting manual.  While our kids are fairly confident in making things like crescent rolls and French creme puffs and bread in the breadmaker and mashed potatoes, it came to our attention a few weeks ago that they had no idea how to make toast.



So I explained how the toaster oven worked and let each big kid make a slice or two.  Since then, there's no end to their excitement.

This morning the big kids decided to make themselves some toast for breakfast.  There was much negotiating over who got to do which steps.

For example:
Child 1: "Well, you opened the door, and I put in the bread, but you turned the knob, so I get to open the door after it dings.  And then we'll each take out our own bread.  But you get to pull out the shelf and I get to close the door afterward."

Child 2: "But that's not far!  You closed the door after you put in the bread!  I want to close the door when we're done!"

Right then.

As soon as they finished their toasting, August walked in and requested toast as well.  I tossed a slice in and walked away while he stood in rapt attention.

Katie: "Are you watching your toast?  I understand.  It's really exciting watching your toast."
Jorge: "Very exciting.  Maybe not quite as exciting as, say, whale watching, though."
Katie: "No, but it's not bad for a Tuesday morning."
Jorge: "Definitely."


  1. Yep. It's the little things in life.

  2. Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Thank you. That made my day. I'm employing this and "I'm dropping scones" into my regular vocabulary.