Sunday, April 21, 2013

That mom

We're still (still....) trying to get August potty trained.  In desperation, I promised him that if he stayed clean and dry we could go to a local bounce house and naturally that moment came at the nearly most inconvenient time possible: Sunday morning.  Thankfully it was open so we packed up.

At the same time, Katie and Jorge had been asked to do a rather time-consuming laundry task. Katie saw it through but Jorge acted like a squirrel in a...Um...I've got nothing.  He acted like a squirrel.  So Katie was allowed to go along to the bounce house while Jorge stayed home to do his job.  Or, more accurately, finish the first of his thrice-daily meltdowns.

So Katie, August, and I went to the bounce house.  We were literally the first people in the door, but within 20 minutes the place was swarmed.  I climbed around with the kids for awhile, then found a cozy place to sit and watch.  Katie was helping August and other little kids most of the time, although she did get sidetracked into sorting all the little balls out of the ball pits and into their correct corners.  My kid.

So they played and I watched, occasionally intervening to stop August from getting his toes run over or running over someone else's crawling kiddo.  Katie, again, mostly played with August or was doing her own little mama routine.

Our hour was nearly over and I thought "Maybe I'll take one quick picture" and fished out my phone which had  been in my purse the whole time.  In the next 90 seconds, as I tried to get my phone unlocked and the camera set to image instead of video, August cracked himself in the lip with a Tonka truck and started bleeding everywhere while Katie simultaneously bounced too close to a little kid and apparently upset another parent who immediately complained to the staff who swooped in to yell at both of us.  Fifty-seven minutes of model behavior and diligence, and we end up leaving as the bleeding screaming 2 year old and his big bully of a sister who, obviously, are the direct result of their neglectful mother who would rather pay attention to her phone than her children.

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