Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quick, before a week slips past...

I can not get ahead!

The awards dinner went well but we left with no prizes.  Instead, two other faculty advisers and I headed to a sports bar and watched our men's team lose (boo) but met up with two of my team members/students and had a fun night cheering.  Returning to the hotel at 12:30 after having had a little wine and apparently enough gluten to cause an allergic reaction, however, was a poor way to start into Sunday.  One should not take allergy medicine and then alcohol, but if one takes alcohol and then requires allergy medicine, what should one do?

Well, one should NOT find themselves in that situation at 1AM and then have a 4AM shuttle to the airport.  That, my friends, is a solid fact.

So a very long flight home on what amounted to two hours of sleep (involving a four hour layover due to mechanical errors), then home where Rob was out doing his triathlon (my husband, the maniac) and finally we all merged together for a few hours of chaotic family fun.  I fell asleep for a few hours, woke up to see the kids eating, and fell back asleep from 6pm until 8 am.  I already canceled classes for Monday and gave Rob the day to himself after making him spend 5 days alone with the kids over his birthday and doing a triathlon while the kids were off school on spring break.  Right.  I owed him at least a few hours of quiet, so August and I headed out to drop off the big kids and ran some errands while Rob graded, got a massage, graded some more, and then left for work mid-afternoon while I had the kids at the park.

Tuesday, I was still exhausted and slept in while Rob took the kids in, then I headed to work at 10.  Grading, students, work, work, work, work, but I finished my project (which had a self-imposed deadline of March 31 but, well, PHWOOOSH) at 11:30 PM and headed home at midnight.

Wednesday I did my last lecture of the semester (!!) and braced myself for having to grade 170 essays while doing 36 teams worth of consulting on a thrice weekly basis.  I headed home to high-five Rob on his way out the door to his job (note: at this point we've spent less than 4 waking hours together in over a week) and, given the downpour, picked the kids up from across the street by driving the car over.  August does not respond well to rides in the car that start and end at home and I had no desire to cook so I (quite stupidly) took all three by myself to Unos.  That was dumb.  I think we were all asleep by 9?  Blur.

Today I was up and off to school with the kids at 8 (another coffee-handoff-hello to my darling husband) and worked straight through until 6:30 but got another major project moved way forward.  And then--then!--I got home to find my whole family unfed and waiting for me.  We made burgers and broke out some chips and finished with bowls of cold cereal because no one was full enough (on that note, Jorge is constantly exhausted and starving; good thing we're moving into summer because I suspect all his clothes are about to be too small!)  but we finally (finally finally!) had a meal together as a five-some for the first time in 10 days.  I missed these people.

Work is so stressful.  Constant, fearful stress.  Huge panic-inducing anxiety waves.  I love what I do, but I hate this part.  But on that note, I had a very very good conversation with some necessary people and my life...well, let's say there are blue skies ahead and while I'm not sure which roads I'm taking at least I know what the destination will be.  Peace is good.

Cryptic?  Yes.  But just know I'm a lot happier, less stressed, and more peaceful in the last two days than I've been in probably 8 years.  Now, if only I could get a few hours of un-interrupted date time with that wonderful spouse of mine who makes all of this possible!

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