Saturday, April 06, 2013

Holy Smokes, y'all.

These are fast becoming "where I've been for the last two weeks or so" blurbs but that's my life right now.  Two weeks?  Phhhhhwooom.  Done.

Let's see, lots of work for both of the adults and loads of usual running around details for the kids filled approximately 99% of our lives.  And then we smooshed it all aside to make room for the good stuff.

DSC_5582.JPG-e1 My sister and her three little kids hitched a ride with my parents and spent Easter with us.  Awesome wonderful super time and I'm so so glad they could come.  Of course, having six kids under the age of 7 (specifically a 7 year old and 3 year old girl and then boys of 6, 5, 2, and 2) all under one roof for three days is many other adjectives, too: loud, chaotic, silly, messy, and constant.

DSC_5478.JPG Constant requests, demands, accidents (the Cookie-Monster boo-boo ice pack was used at least four times each day), potty breaks, spills, disagreements about turns or ownership, drinks, more spills, runny noses to be wiped, one sat down for more than a minute.  But it was so worth it.  I loved getting to see my sister and getting to know her three kids for more than the usual 2-3 hour visit one afternoon every 8 months or so.  I loved that my kids got to know their cousins a lot better.  And I got time with my sister and parents and it all just went so well given that our bar was set right around "keep all the kids alive".

DSC_5507.JPG-e1 We went to the zoo on Saturday and of course church on Sunday, complete with a pre-breakfast Easter Egg hunt throughout the house.  Chaos and fun: that pretty much sums up the whole weekend.  At no time were all 6 kids in a good mood simultaneously but we also generally had at least half of them enjoying themselves.  The weather was decent and only started raining Monday morning as they headed home so we had some fresh air and moved the circus outside occasionally.

Monday morning was also my birthday, so we had birthday wishes mixed into the good-byes and then I headed off to work for a very full day, ending with picking the kids up from Rob's mom's house after he'd left them there mid-afternoon and I worked until nearly 7PM.  Also: it snowed. On my birthday.  April 1.  NOT COOL.  We had eight inches of snow on the 1st and 2nd.  BOooooooo.

Tuesday was more details and stress because...Wednesday morning early I left with a team of four outstanding students to a national competition based on our academic field.  Before I could leave, though, I had to write up all 6 versions of an exam and their answer keys so I could leave them with the TAs to give while I was gone.  Never fun.  And apparently that was a huge mess which I get to clean up when I get back.

But the trip: We got into Minneapolis Wednesday morning and had a welcoming dinner that evening and haven't rested since!  Thursday we left the hotel at 7AM and toured local companies which was so cool but got us back to the hotel after 9:30 PM.  Friday the competition started at 9AM and continued--literally straight through the night for my students!--until 4PM today.  The faculty spent all of Friday in meetings and then a dinner that went until nearly 10PM, then back to work at 8 this morning.  In thirty minutes we have the closing dinner with all awards announced and presented and we'll probably get back to our hotel after 9 again; and then we have a 6AM flight.

Did I mention that one of my original team members had a conflict pop up Saturday night of Easter weekend so we spent Sunday and Monday finding a new 4th team member, bringing her up to speed, and updating all of our flights, hotels, and competition details to include her, literally 3 days before we left?  And Monday morning my team did a practice presentation?  It's been insane here.

In the mean time, the kids were off school all this week but Rob was not, so stress levels at home are epic.  Also, Rob's birthday was Friday and he had appointments and commitments all week and, oh yes, he's participating in a triathlon tomorrow.  In addition to marching all three kids through the church routines of the morning.  Not exactly a mellow few months here.

So, how are you?

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