Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weekly Photography: Week 47: Light

Week 47: LIGHT  from 52 Photos Project

I'm way behind on these and not even trying to keep up.  Often I see the prompt and have the perfect idea but life, being life, means there's no way I'm going to get to stop and take a photo of that place in the park or catch the kids doing that thing in the morning.  So I take the opportunity to at least think creatively for a moment and move on.

Today, August was being a Stinker.  Just a hot mess of whiny and waily.  He has a particular MO for bursting into alligator tears with no notice, then wailing "I so sad!  I need a nap!"  This could happen as early as 45 minutes after he wakes up for the day and up until (but almost never including) his actual bedtimes.  Today was a lot of tireds and not a lot of desire to sleep.  Finally it was time to run to Grandma's and he was a puddle of miserable.  Rob took the kids; I hauled him upstairs for a 4PM nap.  He was done.  It's 6:30 and he may just stay in bed all night at this point.  My little Foxy Puppy.

The last bit of desperate-to-be-spring light was filtering in the windows and I grabbed the camera.  Sweet little bug.


  1. Beautiful photogragh....

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